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The office was established by the architects - graduates of the National Technical University of Athens, Nikos Bouras and Kaiti Ziouva, in 1977 in Korinthos. After the 1981 earthquake it was transferred to Vrahati Korinthias where it operates until today.

The work of the two architects includes a variety of construction designs, such as domiciles, business offices, tourist premises, office buildings, public buildings, health centers, buildings of special purposes, rehabilitations of open spaces, renovations of existing buildings and more.

Some of their designs received awards in panhellenic contests and certain projects have been published in well-known greek architecture magazines.

But they emphasized on houses. Many urban and country houses, blocks of flats and building complexes with special aesthetics were designed by their office and have been constructed in the prefecture of Korinthia and in other places of the country.

In 2007, Alexandra Kelekou, graduate of the Architecture department of the University of Patras, joined the firm and in 2011, Giannis Bouras, graduate from the National Technical University of Patras joined our team as well.

The last couple of years, apart from houses, the Studio 4A has also worked successfully on creating business spaces and on interior decoration.

Studio 4A has a vast experience in designing functionally and in shaping the form and the volumes of a building. It has excellent knowledge of the construction, the utilization of modern materials and the ability to adjust the cost into the budget of every client. It responds to the modern needs for contemporary energy and bioclimatic design and cooperates with experienced engineers who are required or may be required for a complete architecture creation.