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In Studio 4A, architecture creation begins after the completion of the necessary monitoring and analyzing procedures.

First of all, we visit the site, we proceed to the review of the survey along with the contract and we check the land use and the building conditions.

Then, we analyze - discuss with the customer his vision and his budget and we exchange views regarding the better use of the site.

Once we conclude to the most dominant solution and our client feels certain for his choice, we proceed to the preliminary designs of the building.

The preliminary designs (layouts) of the building presented to the client are designed in the most comprehensible way possible.

If it is about a house, the client must at this point feel the function of the building, see the rooms and their furniture, be able to imagine himself walking and living in this building.

This way he will realize his needs and ask for any changes or improvements.

Once this stage is complete and we feel that we have done our best for our client, we proceed and complete out architecture design.

Our architecture choices develop in a way that is unique for every building, since we must each time seek the best solution to a composite problem with the following prerequisites:

a.  Proper exploitation of the site

b.  Functionality

c.  Harmony

d.  Realization of the client’s wishes

e.  Adjustment to the natural and built environment

f. Adaptation to our client’s budget with strict cost control, in order for our building not to end up incomplete.

At this point we must note that generally the owners of our buildings do not proceed to any changes or additions once we complete them, neither internally nor externally, not because we impose it but because they do not wish it, since we have already covered all its functional needs and moreover, they have loved the building and its form. Besides, there are already the necessary sheltered and semi-sheltered spaces for the protection of the building and the service of the residents.

We believe that the semi-sheltered space is absolutely necessary for the architecture composition, the aesthetics, the functionality of the buildings and the life quality. It constitutes the breath of the Mediterranean houses and is one of the most beautiful and classic morphological elements of Greek architecture and that is why they are usually basic structural elements to the form and function of our buildings.

Moreover, since we consider the surrounding area to be “half the beauty” of the building, we emphasize on the configuration design and its proper implementation.

The proper implementation of the architecture design in its total presupposes the attentive supervision on our behalf, at all stages of construction. So, we create buildings well designed to the last detail, where every gutter and chimney has a defined position and form and every pipe of the hydraulic or other installation has found its spot and is not randomly placed to the exterior faces of the building. Finally, the colour design comes to emphasize on the volumes and the shape of the building and the interior decoration design, as well as the planting design also elaborated by our office, complete the architecture creation.

We believe that our buildings constitute the stamp of our serious attempt to face all parameters and also the love for our profession and the abilities of our office work force. Moreover, we believe that with our knowledge and creativity we can create a modern quality life environment for each client.