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The office Studio 4A is involved in the entire range of architecture designs.

Moreover, it has established a permanent cooperation with specialized structure designers, such as surveyors, civil engineers – static engineers, mechanical engineers, geologists, soil experts, hydraulic engineers etc and elaborates, through these cooperations, all the necessary designs that may be required in a project.

We indicatively mention the following categories:



-        urban houses

-        country houses

-        blocks of flats

-        building complexes

-        offices

-        stores

-        tourism

-        building of special purposes

-        industry

-        small industry

-        renovations

-        interior spaces - decoration

-        configuration of surrounding space – landscape architecture

-        rehabilitation of listed buildings

-        energy and bio-climatic design



-        static designs

-        heat insulation designs

-        passive fire-protection designs

-        active fire-protection designs

-        E/M designs

-        Heating designs

-        Elevation system designs

-        Hydraulic designs

-        Geological – soil investigation designs

-        Time schedule

-        Elaboration of detailed BoQ

-        Laboratory investigations for the strength of the materials

-        Special foundation designs

-        Supporting structures designs

-        Prefabricated systems designs



The Studio 4A undertakes the supervision in all the aforementioned categories of design.